Hawaiian Sovereignty is now official via HR23 (House of Representatives no. 23)

State of Hawaii House of Representatives Resolution no. 23

This makes Hawaiian Sovereignty official via HR23

via de facto State of Hawaii regular legislative session of 2013.

House Resolution 23


Guerrilla Publishing for Freedom Prosperity n’ Social Change

This posting is to share the art and science of Guerrilla Publishing for Freedom ~ Prosperity n’ Social Change.

The Boundary Waters: Four Men & a Dog is a motion picture documentary about exploring the million-acre region known as “America’s favorite wilderness”. This hour long odyssey explores the vast, wild expanse of lakes, forest, field and stream that make up the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) in northern Minnesota on the border of Canada. This is an epic adventure of paddling, portaging, camping, fishing and movie-making.

canoe water

“Video is by far the most important and lucrative industry of the 21st century.” -TIME Magazine

All of the information presented here is for the purpose of basic survival, sustainable and “generative” living* and learning to thrive in society and the wilderness. This is for personal growth, serving humanity and connecting on ever-deepening levels with Spirit and the Great Mystery.

click here to review or purchase Trilogy

20+ years of epic adventure in America’s Last Frontier… Alaska “The Greatland”

Here is the first major publishing effort I have undergone in the way of print, the Alaska Ranger Trilogy. It’s almost complete yet may never be complete. Meanwhile, there are more than 20 years of epic adventure stories waiting for you from my life in Alaska. This Trilogy is a collection of stories about freedom and revolution. It’s about survival and sustainable living. It’s about thriving in society and making a difference in the world. It’s also a tale of the unfolding of my spiritual path that led me to Oneness, the Great Mystery and beyond.

Posted here are some of the latest forms of home-spun publishing and ways to get your art up and out there either to be given away for free and/or so you can generate some cash by charging a small fee. Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com have teamed up to provide you a way to publish and market your art in a most professional and streamlined way. And it doesn’t cost you a dime. They cover all the upfront costs. You simply submit your content. When it comes time to proof your book or DVD you order one. I was so shocked and amazed and excited when my first book arrived. Even though it was finished yet, I was able to by a copy, just one, for five bucks! The same process used to take weeks and cost over $10,000 in the recent past- just for one book.

Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com are also marketing music and audio files. I am uploading high-level meditations and unique educational films in addition to the books and manuals that are ready to publish.

Exciting as it is for me to be doing this for myself, I am posting this message to you all so that you know that the opportunity is at hand to publish your own stuff in a most professional and expeditious way.

“Freedom of the Press belongs to those who use one.”Kauai University production training motto

“In a healthy society economy always follows ecology, and education precedes them both.” -Ken Carey, VISION

This means that education is the priority for us to have a healthy society. What kind of education do we want? One form of education is how to survive and yet another is how to live well and thrive. Then there is creativity and self-sufficiency, earning a decent living doing what we enjoy and making a difference in the world. Then there is the Stalking of the Mystery and enaging in profound forms of social change or revolution.

All this and more is embedded in this blog. This is for the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands and it is for the freedom of American people and those everywhere who want to explore and discover the beauty, mystery, wildness, wonder and magick of Nature and the Spirit world. Just as important as the profound and the mysterious is learning how to just simply be, how to live, work and play in a symbiotic way with each other and with the natural world.

NEA Manual

“This manual is full of ways for soldiers to become super-soldiers. Previously ‘Top-Secret’, this was created to shift military power from combat to a humanitarian focus.”                                                         Captain Lakota, New Earth Army

This is an extension of the New Earth Army Manual which directs its wisdom toward practical application. It is a compilation of the world’s best methods and ways to survive and thrive virtually any where on Earth.

The best way I know to do this is here now while envisioning an ever-improving process and connection with Nature, Creator and each other. I am creating a way of life that provides me with the best of both worlds, nature and society, wilderness and technology, the spiritual and the practical, male and female, being together and being alone… exploring and just Being. As a way to co-create the above with you and the forces of spirit and nature, I am envisioning, intending, dreamin and prayin’ of a way of life that contains all of the following and much more in terms of opportunity to have fun, be of service and earn a decent living sharing the best of what we have with the local and global community.

Cameras, computers and the worldwide web are revolutionizing the way we live, work, play and communicate.  Here is what I want to use these tools to co-create and facilitate:

Farm * Garden * Mystery School * Spiritual Retreat * Film-Making

This is a place you  and those who we love may live, work, and play together, wherein there is everything we need as individuals including opportunities to gather and socialize with like-minded and sometimes, very different folks. This farm, mystery school, retreat and movie set is something that can be built anywhere. I am building one in Alaska, as well as the Big Island and on Kauai. Some of us need to keep moving like the gypsies that we are. Others like to travel once in a great while. Either way, this Garden School idea is a place that I want to live, visit and help others to create wherever they are.

As my gift to you, I’m presenting a meditation that I made for myself during a period of high stress and duress. It aided me in coping with anxiety, difficulty, and moments of intense disconnection. There are two versions below: one is free and the other is offered at $0.99. Your payment is a benefit for outdoor educational programs for children, in our ongoing effort to facilitate a deeper connection with nature through the ages.

“Boundary Waters: Four Men and A Dog” Release!

This newly released DVD features America’s favorite wilderness, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCAW), a million acre wilderness on the border of Minnesota and Canada. “The Boundary Waters: Four Men and A Dog DVD is an hour-long adventure documentary of our epic journey to explore and discover the remote lakes, forest and wildlife. There are no roads, no houses, peopl0, buildings or powerlines. And there are not motors… not cars or airplanes.

This DVD is one of the few ways to really experience the world-renowned Boundary Waters without having to actually go there. However, one of the reasons this film was made is to inspire you to get out, to experience the raw, wild wilderness of the Boundary Waters directly. Meanwhile the maps, photos, music, video and story here are for you to experience the magick and wonder vicariously until you can someday make it there in person.

Check out the trailer and click here to purchase your own DVD!

This documentary, “the Boundary Waters Four Men and a Dog” represents a hallmark achievement in home-spun video. Using cutting-edge technology in the form of an inexpensive SONY handycam, to document the sounds and imagery of nature’s wilderness, we brought highlights back home to show all the folks in our small town. Many had been to, know and love the “B-dub” as we call it. Yet few have seen it like this! The first day we encountered a Bull Moose and then a Cow with two calves, White-tail deer, and a bunch of other wildlife. The portaging was grueling but a great way to test our limits and get in shape.

Here is a compilation of the wildlife we saw…

Boundary Waters Wildlife Compilation (from the Special Features section of the DVD)

Business Plan Development notes for Hawaii’s Ahupua’a Association

This is a letter written to a woman who has offered to do some grant-writing work. She asked how she may help. Here is my response. This is posted here for a few key people to read and understand. Posting this is also a way to make forward progress on the business plan. If you are reading this, then please remind me how important it is to transfer the following to the business plan and have goals, objectives, etc. created for each of the major elements. This is for living, working and playing in a sustainable, generative and holisticway that is symbiotic with the forces of  Spirit, Nature and Humanity.


We have a long-standing non-profit called the S.I.S.D. (Society for International Sustainable Development), a 501 c (3) based in Alaska. This is our umbrella for immediately applying for grants related to one or more of the following key aspects of our work here on Big Island and Kauai: Agriculture, Hawaiian culture, mult-media production and training, career training for youth, outdoor education for children of all ages, and programs for the elderly to help get their story down and into form for their paeceful passing and for their children and grand-children to really know who their grandparents and elders are. Then there is the immediate and long-term benefit of the life-long lessons and experiences that the rest of us get to glean from all of their long years.

Also busy doing Art Marketing for artists of all kinds, especially musicians and also shamans and ecologists, educators and activists.

We are doing all of this and more and have a long history of successful programs.

I want to fill-out some grant applications and get them sent in to fund these incredible past, present and future .

Plus there is a whole lot more to do like getting ready for this National Geographic broadcast out to more than 3 million people. This is an opportunity to really share some quality information, photos, video, books, manuals and training programs. I have been working ’round the clock to finalize a few books, DVDs, graphics, audio recordings, etc. before the show airs that we starred in.

The core of just about everything I do is Nature and Technology, wilderness and society… learning to blend the two for an ideal lifestyle for myself, family, friends and global community. I do this through Shamanism and the Way of the Jedi, and Warrior Monk. I am condensing these three elements along with Super-soldier Training from Special Forces into a manual and training program called Task Force Delta.

I am creating a new Farm – Garden – and Mystery School way of life here in Kaimu and at Artesia on Big Island as well as Kalalau Valley on Kauai. The ideal is a new home in Kauai wherein my woman and I with her dog and our cat may run free and be wild yet connected to society and technology, close to the ocean, mountains and stream, forest, fields and creativity, physical activity, alone time and the best gathering experiences of dance, bonfire, drumming, singing, and enjoying abundance of food, drink and consciousness.

I want some help to organize everything and to employ a director of ADMIN, MARKETING and OPERATIONS for the Mystery School and Retreat.

I am calling this the Huna Kupua Mystery School and Retreat as part of the new, tax-free organization under the S.I.S.D. yet independent and autonamous, the Ahupua’a Agriculture Assoication. This Association is designed and intended to lead the way in 21st Lifestyle including sustainable development of human and natural resources.

Most recently I have been helping Lt. Colonel Jim Channon of the New Earth Army to create an online University he is calling: TheCyberVersity. Domains have been purchased. Website is being created. The purpose of this online education system is giving artists and students a way to develop a professional portfolio that is much more impressive and practical than a diploma or degree. This CyberVersity is a way for people of all ages and skill levels to be able to have a foundation of knowledge and opportunities to experience directly the best of the lessons and learning they are seeking for real-wordl application and earning a decent living. That’s what this is to me anyway. The Colonel is running the show there. I have plenty of my own sites and operations to tend to. I am his IT guy on the CyberVersity for now. I see it being something that really prospers in both revenue and successfully providing higher education and placement through the PORTFOLIO concept that Jim Channon is creating.

ADMIN / OPS / MARKETING is what I want help with including funding development to pay each of these three people and yourself very well. I want a stipend and expense account as well. Rachel Nack is our CFO. I want her to be paid a stipend. That makes six of us leaving room for two more. Once we have a funded, capable team of eight rockin and rolling then one of the eight becomes the Team Leader for the next group of eight. Each of us is accountable for whomever we bring onboard. Each of us can manage up to eight people.

Below is a random list of organizations and entities, business and individuals, websites and emails associated with this operation and the many operations within it.

Actually, I will cut and paste this into a WordPress Post and build upon it. I will also put this in the business plan.

Thanks for being there and being willing to have if you can. I know you can. It’s a matter of if you will. May the Force and the Source be with you.


By Kingdom of Hawai'i

New Treasury System update for US and Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands

There are many new systems emerging. The following is one of the most simple and streamlined that I have seen so far. It is in place and working and using a type of online interface that people are used to.

I have just signed up so I shall be exploring and reporting on how it works.

If for some reason the Banking System offs-me like they did Qadaffi and Syria for wanting their own independent form of monetary exchange, then know that I died well… and lived even better.

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” -Audre Lorde, 60’s Blackl, female activist


BITCOIN website…

Bitcoin is one of the first implementations of a concept called crypto-currency, which was first described in 1998 by Wei Dai on the cypherpunks mailing list. Building upon the notion that money is any object, or any sort of record, accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given country or socio-economic context, Bitcoin is designed around the idea of using cryptography to control the creation and transfer of money, rather than relying on central authorities.


These are the basic features of any Bitcoin-like network.

  • Bitcoins can be transferred between arbitrary nodes on the network.
  • Transactions are irreversible.
  • Double spending is prevented by using a block chain.
  • Transactions are broadcasted within seconds and verified within 10 to 60 minutes.
  • Transactions can be received at any time regardless of whether your computer is turned on or off.

Economic rules

These rules are enforced collectively by the network. While they will not change for Bitcoin, other digital currencies using Bitcoin’s technology may change them to suit their needs.

Features of the Bitcoin network

The network has been running for more than 45 months yielding to some impressive security features.

  • Long block chain (more than 204.000 blocks) with lots of processing power securing transactions.
  • Only one major incident (fixed in August 2010).

===================================== “Click HERE for more detailed instructions and/or any of the links above:”

-Captain Lakota, New Earth Army
Kauai Base Commander
Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands
Ambassador to US Homeland Security


By Kingdom of Hawai'i

Ahupua’a Agricultural Association of Hawaii (AAA) online business plan

Ahupua’a Agricultural Association” of Hawaii  (AAA)

Video Business Plan online as part of the process of creating a conventional paper version.



The purpose of this posting is to broadcast the insights, inspiration, ideas, events, methods and ways for 21st century agriculture in Hawaii, particularly Big Island and Kaua’i followed by Oahu and Moloka’i. The goal is having at least one activated and functioning Ahupua’a in each district on each island. Ideally, there will also be a Pu’uhonua or “place of refuge” in  each district on each island.

This web log (blog) is also a 21st century method of communication. Here we may blend photos, video, ideas, charts, maps, graphs and plans in a much more streamlined fashion than conventional business plans alone.

Important ideas and tasks Include:

Community Currency- Coconut Currency

insert videos about video business plan and Ahupua’a along with photos, maps, etc.

post the Coconut Revolution movie, especially for coconut fuel (like gasoline) using only 25 coconuts!

-Development of cottage industries such as coconuts, video, web-word, training, retreat services, Mystery School teachings, etc.

-post ad on Craigslist for Intern to prepare for National Geographic broadcast on the 29th of this month. Below is the posting:


And here it is pasted for convenience:

Multi-disciplinary Internship (Kalapana-Kaimu)

Tasks include: writing and reading and typing and editing along with graphic arts, web design and storefront creation to market all the various information, products and services we have prior to the 29th of this month and for many months after.This position requires someone willing, able and enthusiastic to work directly with me in Kalapana-Kaimu for the next couple of weeks in order to prepare for a TV broadcast going out to more than 3 million people in America and another 3 million people in Europe.There are books and manuals and photos and video to complete, publish, upload, post etc. both to the web and in physical form before the 29th. The more tasks we can complete by the end of the month, the more revenue we can generate after the broadcast goes out to all those people.

There are about 11 days left, as of today, the 18th, for me to prepare for a National Geographic broadcast featuring my sweetheart and I in an episode of “Doomsday Preppers” airing on National Geographic’s TV channel on the 29th of January. The producers asked me if we had anything to sell.

“No,” I replied, not realizing I had a lot of things to sell. “Why do you ask?” I inquired.

“Because if you did have anything to sell, you will sell out of them.” I was told. They were referring to previous broadcasts in which there were people who had things to sell like survival gadgets, etc., but in some cases had never sold any until the broadcast. And then they sold out of whatever they had to sell AFTER the broadcast due to the millions of people who had seen the TV show.

This may be true or it may not be true. One thing is for sure. Thousands of dollars and months of time have gone into the creation of this episode of Doomsday Preppers for National Geographic TV in which my sweetheart and I were the main characters of the show. The four person team that came to Kauai to film us concluded that our episode was the best show they had produced yet out or more than 80 episodes. “This isn’t just TV,” the field producer exclaimed, “this is motion picture!” He was referring to the epic adventure they had while filming us escaping a giant, simulated Tsunami striking Kauai. We were living in Kalalau Valley along the Na Pali Coast when the Tsunami struck. Our plan of escape was to evacuate out the back of Kalalau Valley just prior to the Tsuanmi flooding the Valley by climbing up the 4000′ pali (cliffs) to the mountain plateau above. There we knew there was going to be ample food, water and shelter to survive the post-Tsunami disaster.

The whole shoot was a great success and I have been working for months to complete the Trilogy I started years ago along with a DVD and a New Earth Training Manual called “Task Force Delta”. All three have already been published. Now I need to polish them up and prepare for selling thousands of them which translates to lots of writing and reading and typing and editing along with graphic arts, web design and storefront creation to market all the various information, products and services we have available. There are also numerous video clips, pieces of artwork, and many forms of training that are ready to be completed or packaged then made available to the worldwide audience- 3.5 million Americans and more than 3 million Europeans.

This internship is a paid position IF you are able to successfully help me get these finished and IF we are able to get them successfully uploaded and IF the program airs and is watched by many who then search for, find and purchase what we have to sell.

If none of the above happens, you will still be compensated in cash, trade or training at the rate of $10+ per hour. Substantial bonus and profit sharing are available as well as long term employment for those who work with me on this and our efforts are successful.

You may Google: Alaska Ranger Trilogy to see the book that was just published or do a search for David Lakota or New Earth Army to see and understand what I am doing and why including the Boundary Waters DVD featuring America’s favorite wilderness- a million acre preserve in northern Minnesota on the border of Canada.

I want your help to polish up these books, manuals, charts and artwork along with packaging some training programs. One unique and very exciting aspect to all of this is that we are not going to sell-out no matter how many we sell because everything is set up for on-demand publishing and duplication. We do not have inventory. We have master copies that unlimited copies may be made from without any additional effort on our part.

We work hard for the next couple of weeks and then sit back, relax and watch the revenue pour in. From then on we work just a little to create and enjoy new adventures, books, manuals and video of life in paradise.

Only those who are willing, able and enthusiastic to get to work right now and to sit with me personally in Kalapana Kaimu need apply. There is no spare time or interest in responding to any other inquiries until after the 29th.

First come, first-served and there is room for two or more.

First decide in your heart if this is what is best for you and then make an intuitive decision. Then contact me directly at three-three-three six-zero-six-six and let me know you are ready to get to work. You will receive an answer right away during the phone call or as soon as I can get back to you if I am not able to answer the phone immediately.

Good luck and may the force be with you.

Captain David Lakota
New Earth Army Kauai Base commander

PS. This job is initially ONLY for those on Big Island and/or for those who are willing to fly here right away and work with me side by side.

  • Location: Kalapana-Kaimu
  • Compensation: $10 per hour plus benefits, commission and profit-sharing
  • This is a part-time job.
  • This is a contract job.
  • This is at a non-profit organization.
  • This is an internship job
  • OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • Phone calls about this job are ok.
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Posting ID: 3555625494

Posted at: 2013-01-18, 1:54PM HST

YouTube videos


Video Business Plan:



Carrying out the Will of Ke Akua… direct connection & communication with humanity

What is it going to take for people to be aware, know, feel and communicate with you Ke Akua?”


Ke Akua: “This is one way… any form of art, craft, business or service wherein people allow their soul to flow through them into the world. There are many, many ways. Another way is to quiet the mind and you will hear me speak to you. Call to me and I will respond in the way of your choosing or in a way that I feel is best for you. Sometimes I shall be so subtle you can barely hear me. This is to hone your keen awareness of the subtle messages coming from the most distant places. Other times I shall roar to you like a Tsunami or charging bear! La howla wala quata illah billah. “There is no movement or power except by the will of Allah.” There are exceptions to this, but basically the Universe is in charge of itself. So are the galaxies and solar systems. The Earth Mother you call Gaia, or Haumea, or Papa is a sentient being like no other. She is one of a kind and she is in charge. Daily the sun pummels her with such extreme of force, heat and radiation that may easily annihilate her or vaporize her. Yet she protects herself from her core, her heart and her soul and her body.


One thing that most of you human beings can relate to is that the Earth is your Mother. You sprang from her oceans and soil, under her sky and rain. The sun was integral. As were the seeds planted long ago by your extra-terrestrial ancestors. Regardless of what dimension or star system you came from, if you are reading this, then Earth is your home. Do you know of another?

Treat her like you want to be treated. Fail not your consciousness by being bogged-down by what you do not understand. Enjoy and make good use of what you do understand. Then you will naturally grow in both awareness and understanding. These give you confidence, energy and direction to carry-out your highest forms of creativity. Go forth and multiply, have fun, be of service whenever called, as long as it does not exceed a reasonable pre-set amount of your time like 10%. Do what you will and that shall be the whole of the law. As you give you shall receive. Yet you are forgiven for everything. You need only forgive yourselves and move on.

In one respect, every aspect of Creation is speaking to humanity all the time. The challenge and the opportunity right now while you read this is to shift attention from wherever it is and place it upon that which you most enjoy giving attention. That will naturally lead to the next best step which is sustained awareness and attention on what is most important.

One of the reasons you are able to hear me is because of the ABCs that you established to remind yourself of what is important.

Kawika: What is most important to you?

Ke Akua: I most want people to enjoy this heavenly realm on Earth. It was made for you. Humanity need not worry about the environment. The environment can and has taken care of itself as it was designed to do since its inception. The Earth is around 5 billion years old and it will last another five billion or so before she is vaporized by the Sun. Everything except love and trust have a shelf-life ideally suited to the consciousness of the Soul of the Being within each vessel of Creation.

Indeed I am in all things as a foundation and yes I created angels of light to explore, discover and create within the vastness of Darkness. Darkness was never meant to be feared. It is the unmanifest, the infinite potential. When you and others like you who are capable of so much yet doing nothing productive with your power, the unmanifest backfires upon you. The benefit of this is that it wakes you up and motivates you to create thus eliminating the need to keep backfiring upon you.

Kawika: Is it true that most disease, accident, sickness and death, war and destruction, violence and pollution, terrorism and corruption comes from this failure to create.

Ke Akua: It is not a failure to create. The majority of harm and destruction of the world comes from things no longer having a purpose or function. All things in nature are designed to self-destruct and decompose so as to not trap the embodied soul forever. The soul may create whatever it wishes. It was unexpected that the Ego, the onboard computer, was going to assume control at the demise of its own enjoyment.

Ego means “I am.” and the I am may choose of its own free will to do whatever it wishes. The more you and others choose of your own free will to engage in what you enjoy the more I am with you no matter what it is. Whatever you do comes back to you. Whatever harm you cause comes back to you in like-kind or in a much reduced way because I love you and so does your spiritual community.

However, when the indifference reaches a certain point, the forces of Darkness intervene on your behalf.

Conversation with Ke Akua

Questions for Ke Akua about business and forming a new government

Aloha Ke Akua!

Good morning David. I am ready to receive your questions.

Well, first I want to say Mahalo nui for everything. Things are better than they have ever been in my life and last night was one of the most, if not the most, powerful and significant prayer of my life.

Ke Akua: We can do away with the word “Prayer”. It is antiquated and not the type of  communication I am interested in. Prayer signifies people talking at me rather than with me. I desire for the human family to be able to speak with me directly. Long have I waited for your consciousness to mature to this level. The awakening is underway.

The questions you have regarding business will be answered. However, the process that you use to ask and receive the answers is more important than the question or the answer. So, for starters, are you breathing? Is your body in a posture that is optimal to be a conduit for such energy to flow through you? You are a dimensional terminal, a conduit for universal energy- an antennae for information and much higher forms of vibration that is used for communication.

The technology exists for both free energy and electro-magnetic propulsion. By aligning yourself with the core of the Earth and the nearest star above you, your spinal column and nervous system along with the energy centers you call chakras, which are, to you, like miniature galaxies, each contribute to a virtual independent Universe. As you know your body and being consists of trillions of mitochrondia which are called mitochloriates in the Star Wars movie. The quote* by Qua gon jin is among the most simple, powerful and effective ways to hear me speak to you.

Each person is designed to be an autonomous unit- a fully operational universe which may seem small yet is actually as large or larger than any of the major galaxies and numerous Universes of which yours is just one. Focus on your body and your world. Leave the solar system, galaxy and Universes to me, for now.

The only reason you are limited to aware of the Earth alone is so you may avoid distraction and instead learn what is necessary from the Earth School so you be an effective galactic and universal traveler- an explorer. Indeed already you are. Your world is hurtling through space at what you consider to be incredible speed. Yet you feel very sluggish or stationary. This is not so.

Remember that every thought combined with every emotion creates magnetic force. T x E -= MF. Magnetic Force is one form of creation which you are learning to master.

Compassion for yourself and others is a pre-requisite. Otherwise you are designed to self-destruct in order not to infect other worlds with the dis-ease of arrogance and the compelling history to do harm, particularly great acts of violence and destruction of the natural world. 

You are all child gods of creation, created equal and with free will to do whatever you choose. Most of you are still bound by the Law of Amra, which you call Karma. Translated literally this means, what goes around, comes around, which is true for the physical world but is not a limitation where higher-level beings operate. You may all be free of karma simply by forgiving yourselves and others for all the harm that has been done.

Share with them David the “Forgiveness Technique”. This will work for most until they develop a more streamlined method.

David: Whew! Mahalos dearest One. What’s next? Ah, yes, breathing and posture, blinking and feeling! Now prioritization. Eyes are burning. I am going to close them and type.

The ABC’s are first and foremost. This keeps me grounded, “Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.”

Ke Akua: Use the YouTube webcam system to broadcast the next series of steps.

David: Roger dat. Then I will post it below when it is processed.

Ke Akua: You will find this a most effective way to interact with those you are working with. And, of course, this shows others how to do it as well.  Long have I admired your pioneering ways. This is one of the reasons you have been so graced with connection to me and the natural world. However, “dim-bulb consciousness” is an accurate way to describe your sleeping state. Due to the fact that you are not breathing most of the time, there is very little that you can tune-in to or do physically. And you must breathe in order to effectively create using just thought and emotion alone. Breathe David!

Exhale the carbon dioxide from your lungs. It is a known poison. Breathe-in both oxygen for the brain and life-force for the body.

The feeling of Love that you, humanity, most seek, is always available. The feeling of connection and direct communication with me, the angels and the beings and spirit of nature is always available. You asked for an end to suffering. Self-love is the answer. Breathing is a form of self-love. Do it now. Keep it going. If you run into any trouble whatsoever, simply breathe. I recognize this as an act of courage and trust in which I will respond with protection and direction if necessary or requested.

Do you understand?

David: Yes. So, what is the purpose of all of this?

Ke Akua: You know your purpose. You live it. The purpose of humanity is to share with me in the eternal dance of creation wherein we play a symphony of music together, the sounds of which manifest beauty, beings, and systems of sustaining life and independent free will.

There are no more barriers, blockages or limitations. Just waves of thought and emotion that create reality before your eyes. Choose carefully, now, more than ever, especially those of you from the land of the Spirit of Aloha. Indeed the islands of Hawaii are a place to experience very swift creation of whatever is given attention. Until recently there were many safeguards like training wheels preventing too much harm from happening at once, and each bit of harm serving as a form of cause and effect, or karma, for those who had it coming and did not forgive themselves. Thanks to you and others, this has changed. Welcome to Heaven on Earth. Soon you will re-unite with your space-faring cousins and those who dwell in the subterranean realms.

What about global free energy, driving and flying on a cushion of gravity, and creating new systems of government and money?

Ke Akua: Broadcast a live message to the President of the United States and to the people of the world regarding your intentions. Hold your posture aligned with gravity in order to be a most effective conduit for universal energy. The information is there for all. Those who tune-in and utilize it are the ones who get to enjoy the abundance that comes from helping so many in such a simple, eco-conscious way.


* “When you quiet your mind, you will hear the mitochloriates speak to you o the will of the force.”

By Kingdom of Hawai'i