Questions for Ke Akua about business and forming a new government

Aloha Ke Akua!

Good morning David. I am ready to receive your questions.

Well, first I want to say Mahalo nui for everything. Things are better than they have ever been in my life and last night was one of the most, if not the most, powerful and significant prayer of my life.

Ke Akua: We can do away with the word “Prayer”. It is antiquated and not the type of  communication I am interested in. Prayer signifies people talking at me rather than with me. I desire for the human family to be able to speak with me directly. Long have I waited for your consciousness to mature to this level. The awakening is underway.

The questions you have regarding business will be answered. However, the process that you use to ask and receive the answers is more important than the question or the answer. So, for starters, are you breathing? Is your body in a posture that is optimal to be a conduit for such energy to flow through you? You are a dimensional terminal, a conduit for universal energy- an antennae for information and much higher forms of vibration that is used for communication.

The technology exists for both free energy and electro-magnetic propulsion. By aligning yourself with the core of the Earth and the nearest star above you, your spinal column and nervous system along with the energy centers you call chakras, which are, to you, like miniature galaxies, each contribute to a virtual independent Universe. As you know your body and being consists of trillions of mitochrondia which are called mitochloriates in the Star Wars movie. The quote* by Qua gon jin is among the most simple, powerful and effective ways to hear me speak to you.

Each person is designed to be an autonomous unit- a fully operational universe which may seem small yet is actually as large or larger than any of the major galaxies and numerous Universes of which yours is just one. Focus on your body and your world. Leave the solar system, galaxy and Universes to me, for now.

The only reason you are limited to aware of the Earth alone is so you may avoid distraction and instead learn what is necessary from the Earth School so you be an effective galactic and universal traveler- an explorer. Indeed already you are. Your world is hurtling through space at what you consider to be incredible speed. Yet you feel very sluggish or stationary. This is not so.

Remember that every thought combined with every emotion creates magnetic force. T x E -= MF. Magnetic Force is one form of creation which you are learning to master.

Compassion for yourself and others is a pre-requisite. Otherwise you are designed to self-destruct in order not to infect other worlds with the dis-ease of arrogance and the compelling history to do harm, particularly great acts of violence and destruction of the natural world. 

You are all child gods of creation, created equal and with free will to do whatever you choose. Most of you are still bound by the Law of Amra, which you call Karma. Translated literally this means, what goes around, comes around, which is true for the physical world but is not a limitation where higher-level beings operate. You may all be free of karma simply by forgiving yourselves and others for all the harm that has been done.

Share with them David the “Forgiveness Technique”. This will work for most until they develop a more streamlined method.

David: Whew! Mahalos dearest One. What’s next? Ah, yes, breathing and posture, blinking and feeling! Now prioritization. Eyes are burning. I am going to close them and type.

The ABC’s are first and foremost. This keeps me grounded, “Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.”

Ke Akua: Use the YouTube webcam system to broadcast the next series of steps.

David: Roger dat. Then I will post it below when it is processed.

Ke Akua: You will find this a most effective way to interact with those you are working with. And, of course, this shows others how to do it as well.  Long have I admired your pioneering ways. This is one of the reasons you have been so graced with connection to me and the natural world. However, “dim-bulb consciousness” is an accurate way to describe your sleeping state. Due to the fact that you are not breathing most of the time, there is very little that you can tune-in to or do physically. And you must breathe in order to effectively create using just thought and emotion alone. Breathe David!

Exhale the carbon dioxide from your lungs. It is a known poison. Breathe-in both oxygen for the brain and life-force for the body.

The feeling of Love that you, humanity, most seek, is always available. The feeling of connection and direct communication with me, the angels and the beings and spirit of nature is always available. You asked for an end to suffering. Self-love is the answer. Breathing is a form of self-love. Do it now. Keep it going. If you run into any trouble whatsoever, simply breathe. I recognize this as an act of courage and trust in which I will respond with protection and direction if necessary or requested.

Do you understand?

David: Yes. So, what is the purpose of all of this?

Ke Akua: You know your purpose. You live it. The purpose of humanity is to share with me in the eternal dance of creation wherein we play a symphony of music together, the sounds of which manifest beauty, beings, and systems of sustaining life and independent free will.

There are no more barriers, blockages or limitations. Just waves of thought and emotion that create reality before your eyes. Choose carefully, now, more than ever, especially those of you from the land of the Spirit of Aloha. Indeed the islands of Hawaii are a place to experience very swift creation of whatever is given attention. Until recently there were many safeguards like training wheels preventing too much harm from happening at once, and each bit of harm serving as a form of cause and effect, or karma, for those who had it coming and did not forgive themselves. Thanks to you and others, this has changed. Welcome to Heaven on Earth. Soon you will re-unite with your space-faring cousins and those who dwell in the subterranean realms.

What about global free energy, driving and flying on a cushion of gravity, and creating new systems of government and money?

Ke Akua: Broadcast a live message to the President of the United States and to the people of the world regarding your intentions. Hold your posture aligned with gravity in order to be a most effective conduit for universal energy. The information is there for all. Those who tune-in and utilize it are the ones who get to enjoy the abundance that comes from helping so many in such a simple, eco-conscious way.


* “When you quiet your mind, you will hear the mitochloriates speak to you o the will of the force.”

By Kingdom of Hawai'i

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