Business Plan Development notes for Hawaii’s Ahupua’a Association

This is a letter written to a woman who has offered to do some grant-writing work. She asked how she may help. Here is my response. This is posted here for a few key people to read and understand. Posting this is also a way to make forward progress on the business plan. If you are reading this, then please remind me how important it is to transfer the following to the business plan and have goals, objectives, etc. created for each of the major elements. This is for living, working and playing in a sustainable, generative and holisticway that is symbiotic with the forces of  Spirit, Nature and Humanity.


We have a long-standing non-profit called the S.I.S.D. (Society for International Sustainable Development), a 501 c (3) based in Alaska. This is our umbrella for immediately applying for grants related to one or more of the following key aspects of our work here on Big Island and Kauai: Agriculture, Hawaiian culture, mult-media production and training, career training for youth, outdoor education for children of all ages, and programs for the elderly to help get their story down and into form for their paeceful passing and for their children and grand-children to really know who their grandparents and elders are. Then there is the immediate and long-term benefit of the life-long lessons and experiences that the rest of us get to glean from all of their long years.

Also busy doing Art Marketing for artists of all kinds, especially musicians and also shamans and ecologists, educators and activists.

We are doing all of this and more and have a long history of successful programs.

I want to fill-out some grant applications and get them sent in to fund these incredible past, present and future .

Plus there is a whole lot more to do like getting ready for this National Geographic broadcast out to more than 3 million people. This is an opportunity to really share some quality information, photos, video, books, manuals and training programs. I have been working ’round the clock to finalize a few books, DVDs, graphics, audio recordings, etc. before the show airs that we starred in.

The core of just about everything I do is Nature and Technology, wilderness and society… learning to blend the two for an ideal lifestyle for myself, family, friends and global community. I do this through Shamanism and the Way of the Jedi, and Warrior Monk. I am condensing these three elements along with Super-soldier Training from Special Forces into a manual and training program called Task Force Delta.

I am creating a new Farm – Garden – and Mystery School way of life here in Kaimu and at Artesia on Big Island as well as Kalalau Valley on Kauai. The ideal is a new home in Kauai wherein my woman and I with her dog and our cat may run free and be wild yet connected to society and technology, close to the ocean, mountains and stream, forest, fields and creativity, physical activity, alone time and the best gathering experiences of dance, bonfire, drumming, singing, and enjoying abundance of food, drink and consciousness.

I want some help to organize everything and to employ a director of ADMIN, MARKETING and OPERATIONS for the Mystery School and Retreat.

I am calling this the Huna Kupua Mystery School and Retreat as part of the new, tax-free organization under the S.I.S.D. yet independent and autonamous, the Ahupua’a Agriculture Assoication. This Association is designed and intended to lead the way in 21st Lifestyle including sustainable development of human and natural resources.

Most recently I have been helping Lt. Colonel Jim Channon of the New Earth Army to create an online University he is calling: TheCyberVersity. Domains have been purchased. Website is being created. The purpose of this online education system is giving artists and students a way to develop a professional portfolio that is much more impressive and practical than a diploma or degree. This CyberVersity is a way for people of all ages and skill levels to be able to have a foundation of knowledge and opportunities to experience directly the best of the lessons and learning they are seeking for real-wordl application and earning a decent living. That’s what this is to me anyway. The Colonel is running the show there. I have plenty of my own sites and operations to tend to. I am his IT guy on the CyberVersity for now. I see it being something that really prospers in both revenue and successfully providing higher education and placement through the PORTFOLIO concept that Jim Channon is creating.

ADMIN / OPS / MARKETING is what I want help with including funding development to pay each of these three people and yourself very well. I want a stipend and expense account as well. Rachel Nack is our CFO. I want her to be paid a stipend. That makes six of us leaving room for two more. Once we have a funded, capable team of eight rockin and rolling then one of the eight becomes the Team Leader for the next group of eight. Each of us is accountable for whomever we bring onboard. Each of us can manage up to eight people.

Below is a random list of organizations and entities, business and individuals, websites and emails associated with this operation and the many operations within it.

Actually, I will cut and paste this into a WordPress Post and build upon it. I will also put this in the business plan.

Thanks for being there and being willing to have if you can. I know you can. It’s a matter of if you will. May the Force and the Source be with you.


By Kingdom of Hawai'i

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