Na Koa Huna Kupua

The mission of Na Koa Huna Kupua is defending the Kingdom*. We are known as “The Warriors” or Gatekeepers. We are defenders of ancient and present day Hawaii. We are the keepers of ancient wisdom known as Huna Kupua.

Huna Kupua is also known as Kahuna Magik or the “Hawaiian Principles”. Some consider Huna Kupua to be a form of ancient Hawaiian spirituality, and it is, but it is much more than that. Huna Kupua is a way of life and a system of self-governing on a personal level that makes regional and national sovereignty possible and a sustained and ever-improving reality.

One of the first orders of business for Na Koa, “the Warriors” is cultivating an ever-deepening connection to the Source by whatever name. Herein the Creator shall be called Ke Akua, or just Akua. You may also use God, Allah, Buddha, Jahova, Sugmad, Nature, Universe or Life Force… whatever works for ya.

The point is that we are agreeing on our core purpose and cause as well as our Source so we  need not fear or compete for resources. This also means that we do not need to fight each other over difference of opinion, belief or religion.

The next order of business and personal training in the way of Na Koa and as a foundation for Huna Kupua, we focus with great passion on being still and present, enjoying and appreciating with great gratitude what is. We focus on the present and quieting our minds in order to hear the Life Force speak to us as Quai gon jin told Anakin Skywalker. “When you quiet your mind you will hear the [Life Force] speak to you.”

Once dialogue or inner knowing is engaged, the next step is to inquire with mind, heart, and soul… “What is best for me to do now?” then wait for guidance. If none comes in a reasonable amount of time then just begin taking care of basic chores and essentials. Taking care of basic and personal business is an excellent meditation for getting the mind off the subject at hand in order that divine wisdom can come in or bubble up from within.

Once an insight comes then it deserves immediate action OR it may be best to let it incubate. In any case, trust as a child and ask questions such as “Is it best to give this attention now or later?” Is it best to carry-out this insight or mission now or later?”

When the answer is yes or now, then the next question may be, “What is best to do next?” and you never need to know all the details or parameters or possibilities of a God-given mission. It’s better not to know all the endless details. Just enjoy the process.

Before, during and after engaging in missions, visions, dreams, ideas, plans or goals, clean-up after yourself. Clean-up home and yard and neighborhood, parks, beaches and roadways. Clean-up yourself, dress becoming and BE the Change you want to see in the world. Begin that now.

The fourth order of business if you are doing things in order is to engage one or more of the 21 Principles of Sustainable Living. They may be done in order or they may be experienced individually or together in any order. They are all complimentary to each other. I highly recommend doing all of them often, even all of them in one single day when you get proficient at the Art of Zen.

Formerly, this page was dedicated to the New Earth Army Cavalry, an elite unit of the First Earth Battalion. The First Earth Battalion is the first Earth battalion of the New Earth Army. “The purpose of the New Earth Army is uniting the militaries of the world toward service to the planet.” This includes humanitarian aide, disaster relief, search and rescue, civil engineering, and any and all other ways that warriors, soldiers, protectors and lovers of a nation may serve their country and creator.

All five branches of the US military have contributed their best super-soldier and intelligence training to the First Earth Battalion Field Manual and the training and capabilities the book of Evolutionary Tactics first revealed in 1979. “That manual was given to me in 1993 by Captain Bookbinder, says David Lakota, “and I didn’t believe in half of it. But the other half I really wanted to learn.

how it wa manual in 1993 in a C.I.A. folder labeled, “Classified” do not reveal methods or sources

The  new mission of the New Earth Army is, serendipitously the same as Kamuela Kaleleiki, one of Hawaii’s foremost advocates of national sovereignty. He was a thirty year veteran that returned home only to find his people destitute. Uncle Robert of Kalapana, a most loved and respected Kupuna on Big Island took Kamuela “Uncle Sam” Kaleleiki under his wing and taught him about what had happened to their country. Uncle Sam being a decorated US Marine Corps soldier became a force to reckon with in the cause of liberating his people from under the oppression of the illegal take-over of 1893.


The Cavalry is run by Captain David Lakota, former US Marine Infantry Soldier and Alaska Airborne Ranger instructor and pilot. He served with Search & Rescue International for six years logging more than 150 missions.

He graduated top of his class in Marine Corps Boot Camp then led a company of students in Infantry Training School. He was later assigned to 2/6 “The President’s Police Force in Camp LeJuene, NC.

He was battle-field commissioned to Lieutenant during the Cold War with the Soviet Union and Meritoriously promoted to Captain by Commander Boland in the US Navy’s port of Hilo.

In 1996 he became Chief of Staff for the Alaska Airborne Rangers. In 1997 he graduate from the US Bureau of Land Management’s Earth Ranger Academy.

In 1997 he started an Outdoor Education program in Southcentral, Alaska taking kids of all ages out into the wilderness all seasons of the year.

In 2006 he was given command of the New Earth Army’s Cavalry.

In 2009 he helped Colonel Channon fulfill a life dream of providing “Out of the Box Thinking” training for the military. They hosted 24 active duty officers and staff NCOs fresh back from Iraq. After getting their butts kicked they reached out for help from the New Earth Army. The Colonel and his team responded and provided training for them that brought tears to their eyes, helped them get to know each other better than at any time in the year of combat in Iraq, and each was a changed and better person when the six hour training was over.

Captain Lakota then took them all to wild sanctuary of Polalu Valley for a sojourn off the beaten path.

Beginning in early 2010 Captain Lakota has been busy six days per week providing training and field experience for those interested in becoming part of the previously secret New Earth Army.

Today is busy establishing base camps, outposts and training centers throughout the Hawai Islands, Alaska and the Mainland. Volunteers and prospective staff and students from around the world are beginning to inquire how they may be part of this growing phenomenon.

Some call it fiction. Some call it a cult. Really, it is a way to begin making a difference NOW wherever you are using known and hidden abilities and resources. This is one place where you are able to learn, experience and teach both the basic necessities of life and direct, personal, spiritual experience.

The goal is paradise on Earth, now and as long as we can sustain ourselves and our eco-system.

Beyond that is Generative Living… going beyond what is bare minimum and thriving. living life to the fullest and enjoying a symbiotic relationship with Nature.

*The Kingdom of Hawaii, Kingdom of Ato’oi, Kingdom of Conscience and the Kingdom of Heaven.


4 comments on “Na Koa Huna Kupua

  1. Brother, Im here for you anytime , just ask and ill do what i can( as you have offered to me ). Our co-creations have just begun.

  2. Really like the breath of this website David ..great work! Like the Hawaiian additions to the core creed. You continue to amaze me with your constant grasp of the real paradise earth, the proto-mythology of its next coming, and the incesant need to be directly in her path.

    I hearby authorize and present to you THE ORDER OF THE BIOSPHERE the most potent message of thanks we have to salute your tireless and direct presence in our world to come.

    Fearless to the end.

    Jim Channon
    New Earth Army

  3. A friend of mine in Cincinnati had a copy of the New Earth Manual in 1990-maybe 91.He was a part of what I like to remember as a group of Nobel Ninjas, townie super heros. They were quite inspiring.Then a few months ago I saw the movie for the first, It was a very odd, I had forgotten the book and that moment. Kind of surreal I must say. I suppose in my own way I’ve tried to live, simply, non-judgmental,to be my own myth… I believe that the world needs you more than ever. I do believe in paradise Love you guys, Aloha

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