Kingdom of Hawaii

This blog is intended to facilitate the self-governing of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Kauai University, along with http://www.YouthProject.US are working with the New Earth Army collaborating to produce a number of motion picture documentaries. The one that is priority right now is about the First Earth Battalion Field Manual and how it can be used by America’s youth and other young people around the world. The goal is that the gems of wisdom, insight and inspiration of the Manual will be a catalyst in achieving the collective missions of each organization, particularly that of giving youth the tools and resources they need to discover their true calling and the tools necessary to create their own reality.

“Kingdom of Hawaii- an emerging nation”.

Below is a letter that was hand-delivered two days ago to the Kingdom of Hawaii’s Prime Minister Henry Noa.


One comment on “Kingdom of Hawaii

  1. As the Earth Revolves, around the setting sun
    Our Children make their way down path’s that we’ve begun.
    I’ve found my way down to many crooked roads,
    Society has paved them with glitter and with gold.
    Leading Nowhere, the paths have been broken…
    by WAR and Separatism, FEAR and shattered homes.
    But our Children, Earth’s Children, All Children, deserve so much more.
    Our Elders did the best that they could do
    But now it is UP TO US to share the ANCIENT TRUTHS…
    New Ways Created as we Open up our EYES
    New Ways Give Birth to FREEDOM on the rise.
    we will be GROWING…
    peace & solid homes.
    Then Our Children, Earth’s Children…
    All Children Shall PROSPER.
    As the Earth Revolves, around the setting sun…
    Our Children Make their way down Paths that We’ve Begun!!!!
    Living in Aloha, in the spirit of cooperation on the Big Island, close to the flow of the red river of life, where the birth of new earth can be inhaled and felt like no other place that i call HOME ~ Heaven On Mother Earth!!!
    In Great Spirit! Aloha Nui!
    We are ALL OHANA! Aho!

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