N.E.A. Staff

The following individuals represent people from all walks of life that care about the Earth, the Aina and the “spirit of the land”.This  is a “hoop” as they say in Native America or the “Ohana” (family) as it is known in Hawai’i.

The individuals listed here form a circle of brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, men and women from all walks of life who care and who dare… to make a difference

“There is nothing more dangerous to plan or difficult to manage than the creation of a new system. For it has all the enmity of those who will profit from the perpetuation of the old system and merely lukewarm enthusiasm on the part of those who will benefit from the new.” -Machiavelli 1510 A.D .

Mahalo nui loa Ke Akua for these people…

Kawika Kalakaua, IPSS commander, OSI, Kingdom of Hawaii

King Dane Aipolani, Kingdom of Ato’oi

Prime Minister Henry Noa, Lawful Hawaiian Government

President Barak Obama

Ltc. Jim Channon, New Earth Army Commander, Mission: “Paradise”, Shaman, Vietnam Vet- five rifle platoons; CEO Balian, Inc. Defense Contractor- Non-lethal combat – Global Village Design, Disaster Preparation and Relief, “Uniting the world’s militaries toward service to the planet”.

Sgt. Major Anakala Kamuela Kalelekik “Uncle Sam”, Kingdom of Hawaii Representative, District 1 Moku o Keawe, former US Marine Sergeant Major, Mission: “Protect and preserve paradise.”

Ltc. Leona Knight, cmdr of the US Army’s 524th Combat Support & Sustainment Battalion, Capt Poe, Sgt. Major Steve

1200 active duty US Army soldiers

Major LooWingBwoa, Logistics – Support – Communication – Intel – Production – Hilo Outpost cmdr. • Kingdom of Hawaii liaison

Captain David Michael Lakota, Cavalry Cmdr. former US Marine Platoon leader, Alaska Airborne Ranger pilot and instructor, chief of staff Search & Rescue International

Captain Joel Jungers, Desert Storm Veteran, former USAF Military Police, midwest region base cmdr., General Contractor, camera operator, Cold-weather expert and BWCAW guide.

Captain Geoff Butler, Alaska Region cmdr., Wilderness Guide, Contractor, Writer, Producer, Educator, Grant-writer

Captain Darby Andrews

Lt. AJ- Outdoor Education for Kids – Native American (north and south) Spiritual Experience & Development, Mother, Home Grown Earth director, Emissary of Akua

Lt. Pua’ena Ahn, officer candidate, New Earth Army Cavalry cmdr.

Lt. Angelic Krueger, officer candidate, New Earth Army Cavalry MMP

Ambassador Daniel “White-Eagle” Native American Shaman

 Ambassador Nahko

Ambassador Bailey

Lt. Allison Pagano

Lt. Devon Rigel Wadsworth

Lt. Christopher Pulsoni

Lt. Katherine Hunter

Lt. Paul Hanis

Note: the names above represent only a partial list of the growing numbers of officers and enlisted personnel joining the New Earth Army. Many are Armies of One and operate individually.

White Apache Warrior-Priest / Shaman / Jedi Training instructor Capt. David Lakota
Na Koa Huna Kupua 


2 comments on “N.E.A. Staff

  1. Call me David, Richard. Thank you, 985 7111, we have talked before but lost phone contact. Mother Nature is Here & Now.

  2. Hi David!

    Dean Gonzolez recommended that I get in touch with you. My phone number is 206 445 8867 and my email address is zwoessel@gmail.com Looking forward to being in touch with you.
    Warmly, Zwoessel (first part rhymes with “slow”)

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