Shaman & Jedi Training

June 6th, 2012

FROM: Capt. Lakota

TO: LTC Channon


This morning while going through some Katas and other elements of daily puja, some to get warm in this wet, cloudy weather of the Pacific Northwest, the following insight came… again.

“New Earth Army based Shaman and Jedi training for those ready to be Warrior Monks”.

and to start offering this training asap here in Port Townsend, Washington with options for those who are interested to explore and discover the wild side of Kaua’i, Alaska and/or Big Island.

Three great and ideal places to learn and experience the many things a “Warrior-Monk” must know in order to be able to do, to be of service, for the sake of self, homies and planet.

I see the Warrior Monk training being a pre-requisite for those interested, and there are a growing number, in becoming New Earth Army officers.

Tassa Briel is among the most recent officer candidates who is showing incredible aptitude and capability for carrying out the duties and tasks of a New Earth Army lieutenant.

She has been tentatively accepted into N.E.A. O.C.S. and is diligently going through the “Evolutionary Tactics Field Manual”, taking notes and compiling a condensed form of the highlights of the Manual.

That multi-teer Youth-to-Work system you began drawing during our most recent visit, along with the best that the manual has to offer, is a viable foundation for New Earth Army OCS curriculum.

What say you?

Below are some of the key areas of training:

Basic & Advanced Survival • Wilderness Travel • Languages • Healing Arts • Martial Arts • Meditation • Massage • Fitness • and Intuition: learning to hear, see, feel and know the Life Force.

“When you quiet your mind, you will hear the life force speak to you.” -Quai gon jin to Anakin in Episode I.

Intuition is paramount. Intuition is the golden thread that weaves all throughout life between Self, Source, Nature and others.

In this training there are five levels of intuition. In the movie, Men Who Stare at Goats, only level 2 was mentioned.

Level 1- Unconscious use of Intuition, everyone has intuition and everyone is using it all the time. We are just unaware of it. Some say most of our brain and reality is unconscious and that one of the purposes of life is to become more conscious. That is part of the purpose for this training.

Level 2- Conscious use of Intuition, This means being aware that you have intuition and that it is working for you. You follow the signs, pay attention to gut-feeling, omens, etc. You are willing just not 100% sure and sometimes you make a mistake or worse, neglect to act on what you are shown via inner voice or outward indicators.

Level 3- NLP based intuition is 100% reliable. It is based upon the science that the body never lies and that the body is connected to the entire Universe and always knows what is going on everywhere. At the very least, level three intuition means that you are in direct communication with the Life Force and you are able to ask questions and have them answered clearly. I use level 3 intuition every day for nearly every decision that I make. It has never let me down. It has never led me astray. However, tapping-in and using this level of intuition requires a radical child’s trust in the life-force.

Level 4- On-the-fly Intuition is the ability to make quicker-than-split-second decisions while life, death, liberty or limb is at stake. This requires both child’s trust and the physical ability to respond instantaneously without thought or thinking or hesitation. One example of this is when I was running barefoot at full-speed on the sharp, lave fields of Big Island.

Level 5– Rarely have I experienced this level. It is so rare that I wonder now what it even was! Once or twice I have used this level and I wrote down the experience. Perhaps it will return and I will update this post.

If you have any questions about how to access Levels 1-4, call or email: 808.339.0692  •

Captain Lakota



Jim Channon commented on your link.
Jim wrote: “I trust you implicitely with the creation of core exeriences for future Earth Battalion candidates …your trusty camera will send the experiences worldwide. My land has 12 candiates in training at the moment with a broad spectrum of interests the oasis allows for their freedom and deep breath of nature. I visit them each daily. Thanks for scouting the edges Amigo. -JIM cmdg”

6 comments on “Shaman & Jedi Training

  1. Amazing information. This will help me through my process of becoming a Warrior-Monk and achieving oneness. Thank you, so very much, Namaste.

  2. Hello, my name is Zac Campbell and i was reffered to the warrior monk by my grandfather George Genyk. Im 18 years old and i have become very interested in learning the ways of the jedi. I am in the process of buying the evolutionary tactics manual and cant wait to get started in my journey.

  3. The Natural Guard is now carrying-on where the New Earth Army and First Earth Battalion left off. Feel free to send me an email, text or give a call:

    CMDR NaturalGuard.US
    (808) 482-4052

    There are is training available in Alaska and Hawaii along with local and global deployments.

    We are updating the “Evolutionary Tactics” Field Manual and your input is invited and welcome. Free copies to all those who submit practical and effective training material. This Manual is to explore, discover and share the very best of Nature – Earth – Humanity – and the Great Mystery.

    This includes the Ways of the Shaman – Spiritual Warrior – and DJEDI with a “D”, the real kind. Semper Fi and carpe diem.

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