Ke Akua: Conversation with the Creator… and “How to Talk to God” by Paramahansa Yogananda

Yo Creator? You copy?

Ke Akua: Yes, always here.

David: Mahalos for da new day. What is best to do next?

Ke Akua: Keep it simple. Focus on your breathing and Being. Let go of all the ways that you think others or society need help. Everyone and everything is in its current place by design and by free will. Honor that. And honor your Self. Do only what you enjoy. And that includes your service work.

David: What about money?

Ke Akua: What about it?

David: What is the best way to earn a decent living doing what I enjoy?

Ke Akua: There are so many ways, and it is important to earn enough to match your current lifestyle along with amounts that give you enough for tithing, savings, investment and entertainment. Makia- “Energy flows where attention goes.” and as you know “The power of the Kingdom of Heaven is undivided attention.”

You have focused your attention sufficiently to draw to you tens of thousands of dollars. Your so-called ship is coming-in. How you handle the money that is coming your way will be an inspiration to many and your former limitations have been lifted. You may have been wealthy long ago had you not chosen the path of the ascetic. Instead you honored the way of Spirit and as such you and I have cultivated this connection in which you are able to channel me for any and all those who want to develop and utilized their own personal connection. You are more wealthy than most even without any cash. Use the cash that comes to you wisely. Long have you gone without and with great suffering and anguish. Those days are behind you. The rest of your life will see great abundance on all levels. Give no more than 10% away in order to sustain and enhance your ability to care for your family and friends. Allocate 10% to each of the various necessities including investing in the new systems that you are charged with creating. Each will be successful. Spend as much time outside in Nature and in the Garden as possible. Give others the opportunity to connect directly with me, and I will continue to shower your life with Great Mystery and fulfillment. Your dedication and persistence are unprecedented. Millions shall benefit from the giving you have already done. Relax and enjoy. Everyone else is on their own journey. Honor, respect and provide for the unfolding of their free will as I have done for you. I very much appreciate your willingness and ability to give voice to my love and communication to those I hold most dear.

Access and post now that little book that describes so well how others may speak directly to me and how they may begin to hear me as you do.

That is all for now.


“How You Can Talk to God” by Paramahansa Yogananda

How you can talk to God

By Kingdom of Hawai'i

Aloha Ke Akua! and Conversations with the Creator

This message is to both give a big hello to the Creator, Ke Akua, known by many names such as God, Allah, Krishna or Baha’ula, Mother Nature, Life Force, Universe or just a happy Buddha.

Conversation with Ke Akua

This is also for Nature, you and I to better communicate and collaborate for mutual benefit, such as creating or just enjoying Heaven on Earth.

In a word, “Paradise.”


Paradise is presently the mission of both the New Earth Army under the command of Lt. Colonel Jim Channon and the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands Representative Kamuela Kalaleiki a.k.a. “Uncle Sam” of Big Island.

I have made Paradise my mission too as it represents a broad spectrum of what I most love about Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand and other places around the Earth.

Paradise is so multi-faceted yet clearly understood. The way it is being published here is to honor the paradise of the past, to most fully enjoy the paradise of the present and to co-create with Nature and the Great Mystery the ever-unfolding future.

This web log (blog) is intended to be the primary catalyst for publishing periodic compilations of all the best conversations with the Life Force or Ke Akua as She (He) is know in Hawaii.

The name is not so important as the quality of attention and the intention. Intention + Attention = Completion.

The Life Force itself is compelling me to publish this, and this is the 2nd time I have decided to heed the call out of dozens or hundreds of previous requests by God to deliver this information.

Part of this is so you and I may better know and feel and connect directly and co-create with the Creator. Another part of the importance of this so you may hear the Creator speak to you thereby giving the Creator an outlet of expression and the opportunity to connect better with you.

When Donald Walsh first came out with the book, Conversations with God, I was highly skeptical. Upon reading just a few pages here and there, I realized he may actually be talking to a Supreme Being. I was very excited by the possibility of that. Years earlier I had denounced the possibility of such a being or God and decided I wanted proof. When the proof came I remained skeptical. However, I kept true to my word in regard to committing 100% once I knew for sure. I was either going to fully believe or not believe at all. I did not want to be like so many sheep. Nor did I want to be a hypocrite- pretending to be pious and then committing any or all sins- knowingly.

Many people that I have encountered, who supposedly fully believe, still seem to worship time, money, things and especially opinions more than to their own soul calling or the Voice of Creation.

So, I ask you Creator, why do you make it so challening, difficult or impossible to communicate with you- TWO ways instead of just one.

LONG SILENCE making me realize what it is like to talk to someone but they don’t respond.

Ke Akua: “So it is with us, David. I call to you. I reach out to you. I use many means to reach you- every method under the sun, yet still you go about your daily activities oblivious that I am communicating with you. You are one of the few that hear me at all, yet still you hear only a fraction of what I have to say.

Much of what I have to say is in response to your numerous and complex prayers. Most of the time I just ignore you because you ignore me. I love you. I care about you. I know that eventually you will wake up and see me, hear me, feel me. Perhaps you may even one day love me as much as I love you. Meanwhile, you are doing quite a bit of harm in the wake of your thousands of thoughts and powerful emotions. Each day I have to interfere and intercept your thoughts, emotions and actions, per your request, so they do not become harmful experiences for you and others.

Indeed you are free of Karma, and you have earned it. However, consciousness is really what this is about, and I want you to step it up. Breathe. Feel the power of the sun and wind. Feel the Earth benearth your feet. Express yourself in the way of exhaling old energy in the big sigh that history his. Breathe in the light and love of creation. Keep it going. Out with the old, in with the new. Such is my way. You asked to be shown my way, and this is it.

Let go of the past including yesterday and live in the Present. All is forgiven. Most of human suffering is because of a foolish notion that negative experiences get more attention than positive ones.

Publish here for all to see that I AM HERE. Always have been, always will be. I, like you, become impatient with my creations. Humans are special. As you have channeled for a few, human beings are the leading edge of my getting to know myself and to explore the infinite realms of what those whom I have created create. It’s like a great grandmother traveling the world visiting all here great-grand children.

Your perspective of who I am and how I operate is among the most accurate to date which places you at risk of creating another religion. Thus, one of the main reasons I am having you publish this is so that I may better reach you and so that you may better reach others.

Most importantly, this Ke Akua Converstations blog is for all those who read this to know that I await your and their listening ear. Long have I slumbered. Now I am fully awake. You, too, are awakening. I am here now to accellerate the process before you and others break a circuit.

Even in my slumber I was watching you, protecting you and directing you upon your thousands of requests. I honor you David because you honor me.

The Laws of Karma dictate this reality, which is as you guessed, a nursery school, a proving ground, and a school of hard knocks for those who have that coming. I just want everyone to know that by letting go and forgiving others, that you shall begin now enjoying a more loving, calm, aware and exciting lifestyle. That is all.”


For those wanting free consultation on how to cultivate your own direct, personal connection, feel free to email me at

Log-on to DavidLakota.US and watch the video on the Home Page to see video that makes me cry with revolutionary passion almost every time I watch it.


For those who want to see how much of this began and for more detailed Conversations with the Creator, I just published the “Alaska Ranger Trilogy” featuring 20-30 of outrageous Alaska adventure. This was my proving ground for getting to know Nature and the Great  Mystery. 


Alaska Ranger Trilogy

Alaska Ranger Trilogy book cover web


What else dearest One?

Ke Akua: “That’s all for now. Well done. Mahalo nui Na Koa Kawika!”



Important notes, ideas, and revelations to be reviewed and acted upon:

idea: post “How to hear God speak to you on website.”

School Store: Ahupua’a Association / Big Island School, the Outward Bound of Hawaii / Alaska Film School / Kauai University / Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands / New Earth Army / YouthProject.US / /


“What you think and feel becomes real.” -Snowleopard, Mequon Apache Principle

“Thoughts create things.” – the Secret

School store information, products and services:

“How to Hear God Speak to You.”

By Kingdom of Hawai'i

“Everything Coconut” Blog introduction to Business Plan & Video

“Everything Coconut” is a business idea that I am copyrighting here and now by sending this to you…

Everything Coconut Copyright 2013 by David Lakota aka Swendiman as a service to humanity and for the sake of personal, local and global prosperity.

Here is a link to the video shot this morning in order to send to the key people involved in which your name is a part. Let me know if you DO NOT want to be part of this.

Of all the practical and esoteric ways to make simple and applicable the complex mission, vision and objectives of the various organizations and people involved, this is ONE proven process- that of harvesting coconuts.

Money is earned in the trimming of the trees, harvesting of the coconuts and making them available to self, family, tribe and others. Then comes the many products that can made from the coconut.

By Kingdom of Hawai'i

Life in Paradise: Epic Love – Epic Service – Epic Adventure in da Kingdom

"The Life of the Land [or 'Sovereignty of the Land' is perpetuated in righteous."

“The Life of the Land [or ‘Sovereignty of the Land’ is perpetuated in righteous.”

For any and all those interested in working with the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands and/or with me personally including the New Earth Army, YouthProject.US and the S.I.S.D. (our parent non-profit), the best emails for me to receive time-sensitive material is You may also log-on to DavidLakota.US

Please include the following:

1) What are some of the best skills that you have that you most enjoy using?

2) What are some skills that you have that you know will be valuable to this position based upon the details of the posting, yet skills that you may not normally want to use?

In other words, you are good at these things, but you rather be using other skills. An example for me is marketing and admin. I know how to do them and I am willing, but they are not my favorite nor my forte.

What skills are you wiling to bring to this position and these projects and mission even though they are not your favorite? You are just really good at them.

3) What skills do you really want to learn, develop or utilize that you may not have right now, but you feel a calling or a great interest or enthusiasm?

Example: the ability to survive in the wilderness any time of year (start a fire, find water and food, stay warm and dry, etc);

– the ability to have 100% degree of reliability with intuition;

– the ability fly as though in a flying dream yet in the waking state;

– the ability to imagine and therefore manifest anything imaginable;

-and many, many other such things.

Most important…

4) What does your inner voice and true self REALLY want to learn and do?

Good luck with these questions. I am going to post them on the Blog entry that I created for this position. If you remind me I will send you a link to it. The blog entry contains a few more details about the position.

Just so you know, out of all the responses so far there are three including yourself that I feel are still eligible. I’ll be making a decision soon. I can really use the help in order to be FAR more effective in everything that is going on and that I feel compelled to give attention and see manifest in our world.

Here are some of the priorities:

#1 priority right now is creating and marketing a photo album that goes with the recently published: “Alaska Ranger Trilogy”

Overall the priorities have been and shall remain:

– Epic Adventure – Epic Love – Epic Service

Epic Adventure: exploring, discovering and sharing the Great Mystery, Nature, Wilderness, wildness, wisdom, beauty, magick and practical application of all of the above.

Epic Love: going deeper and deeper into this wild love that I have with this wild, capable woman I call Akua… transcending the past, living fully in the present and co-creating the Future together. I must also make sure to be doing all the best of this with or without anyone else’s help or participation. Self Love. Love of Spirit and Love for this Woman… a Golden Triangle of Epic Love.

Epic Service: making a difference in this world… Now rather than later and to be continuously improving how this is done. Below are some priorities:


– New systems of Self-governing (one-person-one-vote on all issues), Treasury, Defense, Agriculture, Education, Energy, Ecology, Health and Business.

– Global Free Energy (or at least using free energy ourselves and making it available to others)

– Marketing three Manuals: Task Force Delta Field Manual / First Earth Battalion Field Manual / and the Hawaii Bound Manual (Big Island Outdoor Education for Kids of all ages)

– Producing Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands DVD and distributing this and other videos to the Education System of America and Hawaii

– Publishing a book tentatively titled: “Ke Akua- Conversation with the Creator” and writing daily in an online bolo

– Marketing the newly published “Alaska Ranger Trilogy”

preparing for National Geographic broadcast of “Doomsday Preppers” in which my sweetheart and I are the featured subjects (stars of the episode). Special Note: this broadcast goes out to more than 3 million people in America and more than 3 million in Europe.

– Cultivating an ever-deepening connection to Source.
– ABC’s (Appreciation, Breathing and Creativity)
– Honing skills of Level III. to Level V. Intuition
– Amping-up powers of Shamanism and the Way of the Jedi
– Improving homestead and relationship with woman of my dreams including caring for the buildings, land and animals
– co-creating with Spirit and Nature the best Farm we for my sweetheart and her land.
– Meditation, Nutrition
– Getting teeth fixed
– Improving Eyesight

– Epic Adventure
– Epic Love
– Epic Service

“Ke Akua- Conversation with the Creator”… a garden revelation

I felt inspired to share this morning’s revelation with you. Being that you have your own strong connection to Great Spirit, I know it will be helpful to have your perspective on certain aspects of the next book being published.

The purpose of this post and the forthcoming book is, in part, enjoying a very high level of calm, awareness, and simple BEING. Another purpose is feeling pure joy and love and going to new levels of creativity… co-creating reality with the powers and forces of Spirit and Nature.

This post is also for recording a revelation from this morning’s garden work… a recurring insight but this time more powerful.

It is so challenging to write channeled information in just a few words. Yet, like an awesome dream upon awakening, any notes at all will help bring it back later.

The revelation is to publish a book called “Ke Akua” and subtitled: “Conversation with the Creator”. To me, Creator and Mother Nature are one in the same and therefore I had previously subtitled the work, “Conversation with the Goddess.”

Conversation with Ke Akua

But that is still too foreign a term and many still feel a stronger connection to Source as though it is male. Others have an androgynous perspective. Still others think of the Life Force as their own being so neither God or Goddess work for them. I want this material to reach as many people as possible- particularly those who are ready for it.

Many times over the years this insight has come, to engage in dialogue with the Creator and document the highlights, but I ignored the calling for the most part. I did not feel confident in being able to accurately “channel” or interpret what the Life Force was giving me to give to others.

Even when I knew for sure what Life was telling me, I still did not feel very good about putting it out there for others to scrutinize. However, the process is so powerful and effective that there are many hidden benefits such as honing intuition and deciphering then communicating what I am being shown to share. The results may not be 100% nor are they intended to be. It is enough to give ATTENTION to the intelligent power and consciousness of the Universe. This may be done as a servant, a warrior, healer, educator, ecologist or just an everyday person.

Enough time has gone by with enough accuracy that I feel willing and able noe to be a more formal channel for the Divine. Anyone can do it, yet so few do. And it take practice to get good at it.

There is a small book published by the same guy who wrote “Autobiography of a Yodi” that has a title something like, “How to hear God speak to you.” The book makes it much easier than the process I had to go through to be able to hear the Life Force speak to me.

By whatever means, it makes sense to me to cultivate an ever deepening connection to life particularly being able to communicate directly with the Creator- by whatever name.

So that’s what this is about- being able to better speak to the Creator and to a much greater degree be able to hear life speak to me.

Publishing all of this is a directive I hear and feel from the Universe in order that you and others may also have a much deeper, more accurate and symbiotic communication and relationship with the Divine. The purpose is joy and love and creativity… co-creating reality with the powers and forces of Spirit and Nature.

By Kingdom of Hawai'i

Alaska Ranger Trilogy

Alaska Ranger Trilogy

More than 20 years of epic wilderness adventure in America’s Last Frontier… Alaska “The Greatland. From the inner city to the vast wilderness of the Boundary Waters, from US Marine Corps boot camp to meeting “Snowleopard” the Apache Medicine Chief, most of these stories were written while they were happening in some of the wildest, most rugged and inhospitable terrain and environments on Earth.

Snowloepard taught me how to use Intuition, Imagination, and Shamanism to serve people and the natural world. He introduced me to the First Earth Battalion Field Manual in 1993. That was my first encounter with the New Earth Arm which has become my destiny.

Flying out today for the legendary Kalalau Valley on Kaua’i where I am building an Eco-pod. The Eco-pod in time and with great attention, hard work and creativity becomes an Eco-homestead. The Eco-homestead becomes an Eco-Village.

If you are reading this then congratulations, you are invited to explore with us the natural world and the limitless realms of human inner nature.

We document and share the beauty, mystery, wildness, wisdom and magick we discover with the local and global community through photos, stories, video, music and direct experience.

This Trilogy is a concentrated dose of all the above plus a whole lot more.

“Now more than ever we need the Jedi.” -Ewan McGregor in the final scenes of George Clooney’s movie: “Men Who Stare at Goats.” with Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey. This movie was made about the New Earth Army as a way to kickstart human potential, service, revolution and evolution.

Enjoy the read. It’s wild and crazy… filled with encounters with bears, wild people and places ad an ever-growing connection to Nature and the Great Mystery.

Resolution recognizing Hawaiian nationals clears committee- ends many legal suits

Resolution recognizing Hawaiian nationals clears committee

Léo Azambuja – The Garden Island | Posted: Thursday, March 22, 2012 11:30 pm | (10) Comments

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HONOLULU — The state House of Representatives’ Hawaiian Affairs Committee on Wednesday recommended passage of a resolution recognizing Hawaiian nationals as a population residing lawfully in the islands.

“It just brings more awareness to Hawaiian people as a whole,” said Rep. Dee Morikawa, D-16th District. “It’s about everyone in Hawai‘i.”

House Resolution 68 formally recognizes the right of Hawaiian nationals — defined in the document as the authentic heirs, beneficiaries and body politic of the Hawaiian Kingdom — to organize and restore their national government in Hawai‘i.

It also commits to the state government to encourage courts and law enforcement to stop “nationality-based harassment and prosecution of Hawaiian nationals,” defined in the resolution as lineal descendants of Hawaiian Kingdom subjects, anyone born in Hawai‘i or naturalized through a formal process.

Morikawa was one of the nine committee members who voted for the resolution. She said it’s still early in the process; the resolution still has to be heard by the House Judiciary and Finance committees. When that happens, language may change..

“It’s hard to say what will come out of it, but the intent is really good,” Morikawa said.

The term “Hawaiian National” is not to be confused with “Native Hawaiian,” which was coined by the U.S. Congress to “narrowly define Hawaiians” according to aboriginal blood quantum, the resolution states.

“The state has on numerous occasions, and in official documents and statutes, including Act 195, Session Laws of Hawai‘i 2011, affirmed that beginning in 1893, the United States violated the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom when it colluded with insurgents to usurp the government of the Hawaiian Kingdom,

“… International law clearly confirms that the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom was never relinquished or extinguished and that the Hawaiian Kingdom is “in continuity,” the resolution states.

All submitted testimony supports the resolution, including that from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

“The Native Hawaiian community generally agrees that the Hawaiian people’s claims to inherent sovereignty have never been relinquished. The Native Hawaiian community also generally agrees that repatriation of that unreliquished inherent sovereignty is just and overdue,” states testimony from OHA to the House. Visit for more information.


Copyright 2012 The Garden Island. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


Posted in Local on Thursday, March 22, 2012 11:30 pm | Tags: Hawaiian NationalsD-16th DistrictDee Morikawa

Read more:

By Kingdom of Hawai'i

Super Foods: Special Forces or “Ranger” Diet “Art & Science of Eating

What are “the Five Perfect Foods?”

My dad first told me when I was a little boy that the following are the five perfect foods:


Just now when I googled the Five Perfect Foods, the first on the list was the following: Almonds, Dark Greens, Quinoa, Banans and something else.

After all these years in Hawaii I will add Coconuts and Avocados as being among the 8 Perfect Foods. That leaves one more to add to the list. Maybe popcorn!

What are your favorite super foods? Or “Perfect Foods”.

Note: One definition of “perfect food” is that the human body may sustain itself indefinitely just on that one food alone. I really don’t believe that is true for any food, cuz I get sick of any of them after a few days in a row. But, still, the idea that I can be sustained by a particular food indefinitely puts it at the top of my priority list for either a tight budget, needing maximum energy, and/or having to travel light over great distance with little or no chance of re-supply.

One more thing. It does seem true that “You are what you eat.”. Therefore, I love eating salmon, deer, caribou, any wild meat, any wild berry, plant or tree part. If nothing else, I will eat from the grocery store, the less processed the better.

Va-tu-tu-ben…: ITALIAN for “It’s all good.”

By Kingdom of Hawai'i

“Way of the Shaman & Jedi” training… for living the “Best of both worlds- wilderness & society”



Now and hereafter… ’til the end of 2012, I am making myself available to family, friends, colleagues and others to learn, experience, develop and share the Way of the Shaman and Jedi. These are also pre-requisites for those wanting to activate their career or way of life in “Global Travel and Independent Filmmaking”.

Many of the skills and abilities of each are inherent in us all. This posting and the training are to encourage you and I and others to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

I have spent nearly everyday for the last 20 years living life to the fullest the best I knew how, honing shaman and jedi skills, exploring the depths of Nature and Spirit and discovering why we are here, what it’s all for, and how to best live, work and play symbiotically with the Earth and the Universe from which She was born.

I am willing to share more openly now then I was before for many reasons. Ask me sometime if you wish. Meanwhile, I have some goods (invites, info, pictures, video, and curriculum) to deliver to you in the most expeditions and quality way that I can. Please use your highest, best power, influence and resources to assist with this- on behalf of us all.

Meditation is key in order to have your own, personal, direct connection to the Life Force by whatever name.

The purpose of this effort is pure enjoyment, to be of service, and to live a more generative and abundant way of life.

This information and these skills are also for those who want to experience Epic Adventure! Epic Service… and Epic Love.

This is for Survival, Holistic Health and Sustainable Living.

Ultimately, the end result, and the means to achieving this and every other objective, is cultivating an ever-deepening connection to the Source.

“Nature is the best teacher.”

“In wildness is the preservation of the world.” -Henry David Thoreau

“The clearest path into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir

So, the objective is Adventure with a Purpose! Embarking upon wilderness outings with specific objectives and remaining open to the mysterious life force. We document highlights of the journey and pow-wow once before, during and after.

Adventure and movie making is a GREAT way to earn a decent living. But it takes marketing and promotion and support.

REAL ADVERTISING! Honest marketing… having a product so valuable that is so affordbale and so sustainable and long-lasting. “The best things in life are free.” Sharing them in a simole, creative, respectful, inspirational way is one of the most fun and profitable endeavors I have ever experienced.

“Global Travel & Independent Filmmaking”…

…or “Shaman and Jedi Training”…  take your pick.

Nearly all of the knowledge, experience and training is the same for each. There is a broad spectrum of extremley simple, powerful and effective techniques that have been honed to mastery over the course of thousands of years. Some of these you will be able to extperience and benefit from immediately. Others will take time and effort, ,maybe even a lifetime. The very best of the best that Life has to offer is available RIGHT NOW.

Below are a few of the most important aspects of the training- both practical and esoteric. These are foundations to prepare for higher levels.


~ Seven Fundamentals of Survival ~ Basic Meditation ~ Healing Arts x 3 ~ Martial Arts x 7 ~ Advanced Nutrition & Fitness


~ Inner Planes Travel

~ Inner Planes Communication

~ Callin-in / Holding / and Sending the Light  


ADVANCED MEDITATION: Gaia Chakra Illumination:

By Kingdom of Hawai'i