This page is to present the most important and revolutionary concepts of our day. This is a peaceful revolution. “Violence has never caused lasting peace.” -Mother Teresa

Makia“Energy flows where attention goes.” (Hawaiian Principle- Huna Kupua)

Global Free Energy– water fuel, electro-magnetic propulsion, solar power, wind power, hydro power, tidal power, photo-voltaics, ever-improving storage capacity (batteries)

Self-Governing– a simple local, national and international system of voting on any and all key issues. Based on the secure financial system, people of voting age may cast their ballot on any and all laws and elections. Everyone has a say instead of needing someone to interpret and speak for us. That system served us well before there was electronic communication. Now we can have a one-person-one-vote system of self-governing that streamlines communication and decision making on the most important of society’s necessities: Education – Ecology – and Economic Prosperity, Defense, Communication, Utilities, Banking, etc. Everyone has a say.

What is necessary to implement this system? Programmers? a prototype?

other ideas:

Sky-car: a vehicle that floats on a cushion of gravity powered by solar, water fuel and/or batteries. No more roads necessary. GPS and other guidance systems makes global travel feasible, eases pressure on urban centers, gives suburbanites a means to get way out of town!

Global Network of Entrepreneurs marketing each other’s art, crafts, businesses, music, ideas, concerns, beauty, wisdom, messages, etc.

Inspiring, encouraging, and providing for each other’s creativity and manifestation of basic needs: water, food, shelter, clothes, travel, communication, security, kids, savings, etc.

Paradise on Earth may be experienced, enjoyed and sustained through focused, passionate effort on the part of individuals, the tribe, and thanks to da Net, even total strangers can work together toward common causes.

Tribal Circle – Corporate Roundtable: system of tribal and/or community life, board room management, conflict resolution- “Everyone speaks once before anyone speaks twice.” -native wisdom

Home Business Government Organization and Management: Combine Tribal Circle with Robert’s Rules of Order, Free-form Discussion and “Concensus Decision Making” together into a simple, powerful, practical, dynamic and effective system for greater management and execution of Operations, Admin and Marketing.


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