“Boundary Waters: Four Men and A Dog” Release!

This newly released DVD features America’s favorite wilderness, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCAW), a million acre wilderness on the border of Minnesota and Canada. “The Boundary Waters: Four Men and A Dog DVD is an hour-long adventure documentary of our epic journey to explore and discover the remote lakes, forest and wildlife. There are no roads, no houses, peopl0, buildings or powerlines. And there are not motors… not cars or airplanes.

This DVD is one of the few ways to really experience the world-renowned Boundary Waters without having to actually go there. However, one of the reasons this film was made is to inspire you to get out, to experience the raw, wild wilderness of the Boundary Waters directly. Meanwhile the maps, photos, music, video and story here are for you to experience the magick and wonder vicariously until you can someday make it there in person.

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This documentary, “the Boundary Waters Four Men and a Dog” represents a hallmark achievement in home-spun video. Using cutting-edge technology in the form of an inexpensive SONY handycam, to document the sounds and imagery of nature’s wilderness, we brought highlights back home to show all the folks in our small town. Many had been to, know and love the “B-dub” as we call it. Yet few have seen it like this! The first day we encountered a Bull Moose and then a Cow with two calves, White-tail deer, and a bunch of other wildlife. The portaging was grueling but a great way to test our limits and get in shape.

Here is a compilation of the wildlife we saw…

Boundary Waters Wildlife Compilation (from the Special Features section of the DVD)