Guerrilla Publishing for Freedom Prosperity n’ Social Change

This posting is to share the art and science of Guerrilla Publishing for Freedom ~ Prosperity n’ Social Change.

The Boundary Waters: Four Men & a Dog is a motion picture documentary about exploring the million-acre region known as “America’s favorite wilderness”. This hour long odyssey explores the vast, wild expanse of lakes, forest, field and stream that make up the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) in northern Minnesota on the border of Canada. This is an epic adventure of paddling, portaging, camping, fishing and movie-making.

canoe water

“Video is by far the most important and lucrative industry of the 21st century.” -TIME Magazine

All of the information presented here is for the purpose of basic survival, sustainable and “generative” living* and learning to thrive in society and the wilderness. This is for personal growth, serving humanity and connecting on ever-deepening levels with Spirit and the Great Mystery.

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20+ years of epic adventure in America’s Last Frontier… Alaska “The Greatland”

Here is the first major publishing effort I have undergone in the way of print, the Alaska Ranger Trilogy. It’s almost complete yet may never be complete. Meanwhile, there are more than 20 years of epic adventure stories waiting for you from my life in Alaska. This Trilogy is a collection of stories about freedom and revolution. It’s about survival and sustainable living. It’s about thriving in society and making a difference in the world. It’s also a tale of the unfolding of my spiritual path that led me to Oneness, the Great Mystery and beyond.

Posted here are some of the latest forms of home-spun publishing and ways to get your art up and out there either to be given away for free and/or so you can generate some cash by charging a small fee. and have teamed up to provide you a way to publish and market your art in a most professional and streamlined way. And it doesn’t cost you a dime. They cover all the upfront costs. You simply submit your content. When it comes time to proof your book or DVD you order one. I was so shocked and amazed and excited when my first book arrived. Even though it was finished yet, I was able to by a copy, just one, for five bucks! The same process used to take weeks and cost over $10,000 in the recent past- just for one book. and are also marketing music and audio files. I am uploading high-level meditations and unique educational films in addition to the books and manuals that are ready to publish.

Exciting as it is for me to be doing this for myself, I am posting this message to you all so that you know that the opportunity is at hand to publish your own stuff in a most professional and expeditious way.

“Freedom of the Press belongs to those who use one.”Kauai University production training motto

“In a healthy society economy always follows ecology, and education precedes them both.” -Ken Carey, VISION

This means that education is the priority for us to have a healthy society. What kind of education do we want? One form of education is how to survive and yet another is how to live well and thrive. Then there is creativity and self-sufficiency, earning a decent living doing what we enjoy and making a difference in the world. Then there is the Stalking of the Mystery and enaging in profound forms of social change or revolution.

All this and more is embedded in this blog. This is for the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands and it is for the freedom of American people and those everywhere who want to explore and discover the beauty, mystery, wildness, wonder and magick of Nature and the Spirit world. Just as important as the profound and the mysterious is learning how to just simply be, how to live, work and play in a symbiotic way with each other and with the natural world.

NEA Manual

“This manual is full of ways for soldiers to become super-soldiers. Previously ‘Top-Secret’, this was created to shift military power from combat to a humanitarian focus.”                                                         Captain Lakota, New Earth Army

This is an extension of the New Earth Army Manual which directs its wisdom toward practical application. It is a compilation of the world’s best methods and ways to survive and thrive virtually any where on Earth.

The best way I know to do this is here now while envisioning an ever-improving process and connection with Nature, Creator and each other. I am creating a way of life that provides me with the best of both worlds, nature and society, wilderness and technology, the spiritual and the practical, male and female, being together and being alone… exploring and just Being. As a way to co-create the above with you and the forces of spirit and nature, I am envisioning, intending, dreamin and prayin’ of a way of life that contains all of the following and much more in terms of opportunity to have fun, be of service and earn a decent living sharing the best of what we have with the local and global community.

Cameras, computers and the worldwide web are revolutionizing the way we live, work, play and communicate.  Here is what I want to use these tools to co-create and facilitate:

Farm * Garden * Mystery School * Spiritual Retreat * Film-Making

This is a place you  and those who we love may live, work, and play together, wherein there is everything we need as individuals including opportunities to gather and socialize with like-minded and sometimes, very different folks. This farm, mystery school, retreat and movie set is something that can be built anywhere. I am building one in Alaska, as well as the Big Island and on Kauai. Some of us need to keep moving like the gypsies that we are. Others like to travel once in a great while. Either way, this Garden School idea is a place that I want to live, visit and help others to create wherever they are.

As my gift to you, I’m presenting a meditation that I made for myself during a period of high stress and duress. It aided me in coping with anxiety, difficulty, and moments of intense disconnection. There are two versions below: one is free and the other is offered at $0.99. Your payment is a benefit for outdoor educational programs for children, in our ongoing effort to facilitate a deeper connection with nature through the ages.