Carrying out the Will of Ke Akua… direct connection & communication with humanity

What is it going to take for people to be aware, know, feel and communicate with you Ke Akua?”


Ke Akua: “This is one way… any form of art, craft, business or service wherein people allow their soul to flow through them into the world. There are many, many ways. Another way is to quiet the mind and you will hear me speak to you. Call to me and I will respond in the way of your choosing or in a way that I feel is best for you. Sometimes I shall be so subtle you can barely hear me. This is to hone your keen awareness of the subtle messages coming from the most distant places. Other times I shall roar to you like a Tsunami or charging bear! La howla wala quata illah billah. “There is no movement or power except by the will of Allah.” There are exceptions to this, but basically the Universe is in charge of itself. So are the galaxies and solar systems. The Earth Mother you call Gaia, or Haumea, or Papa is a sentient being like no other. She is one of a kind and she is in charge. Daily the sun pummels her with such extreme of force, heat and radiation that may easily annihilate her or vaporize her. Yet she protects herself from her core, her heart and her soul and her body.


One thing that most of you human beings can relate to is that the Earth is your Mother. You sprang from her oceans and soil, under her sky and rain. The sun was integral. As were the seeds planted long ago by your extra-terrestrial ancestors. Regardless of what dimension or star system you came from, if you are reading this, then Earth is your home. Do you know of another?

Treat her like you want to be treated. Fail not your consciousness by being bogged-down by what you do not understand. Enjoy and make good use of what you do understand. Then you will naturally grow in both awareness and understanding. These give you confidence, energy and direction to carry-out your highest forms of creativity. Go forth and multiply, have fun, be of service whenever called, as long as it does not exceed a reasonable pre-set amount of your time like 10%. Do what you will and that shall be the whole of the law. As you give you shall receive. Yet you are forgiven for everything. You need only forgive yourselves and move on.

In one respect, every aspect of Creation is speaking to humanity all the time. The challenge and the opportunity right now while you read this is to shift attention from wherever it is and place it upon that which you most enjoy giving attention. That will naturally lead to the next best step which is sustained awareness and attention on what is most important.

One of the reasons you are able to hear me is because of the ABCs that you established to remind yourself of what is important.

Kawika: What is most important to you?

Ke Akua: I most want people to enjoy this heavenly realm on Earth. It was made for you. Humanity need not worry about the environment. The environment can and has taken care of itself as it was designed to do since its inception. The Earth is around 5 billion years old and it will last another five billion or so before she is vaporized by the Sun. Everything except love and trust have a shelf-life ideally suited to the consciousness of the Soul of the Being within each vessel of Creation.

Indeed I am in all things as a foundation and yes I created angels of light to explore, discover and create within the vastness of Darkness. Darkness was never meant to be feared. It is the unmanifest, the infinite potential. When you and others like you who are capable of so much yet doing nothing productive with your power, the unmanifest backfires upon you. The benefit of this is that it wakes you up and motivates you to create thus eliminating the need to keep backfiring upon you.

Kawika: Is it true that most disease, accident, sickness and death, war and destruction, violence and pollution, terrorism and corruption comes from this failure to create.

Ke Akua: It is not a failure to create. The majority of harm and destruction of the world comes from things no longer having a purpose or function. All things in nature are designed to self-destruct and decompose so as to not trap the embodied soul forever. The soul may create whatever it wishes. It was unexpected that the Ego, the onboard computer, was going to assume control at the demise of its own enjoyment.

Ego means “I am.” and the I am may choose of its own free will to do whatever it wishes. The more you and others choose of your own free will to engage in what you enjoy the more I am with you no matter what it is. Whatever you do comes back to you. Whatever harm you cause comes back to you in like-kind or in a much reduced way because I love you and so does your spiritual community.

However, when the indifference reaches a certain point, the forces of Darkness intervene on your behalf.

Conversation with Ke Akua